[nvmewin] Q4 release and contributions

Chang, Alex Alex.Chang at idt.com
Wed Jun 20 14:22:03 PDT 2012

Hi Paul,

I will make changes to comply with 1.0c for the Q5 release. In addition, I had made some changes to fix INTx and Power Management related issues, which will be included in the release.


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I've got a request for the community... thus far Intel has been making most of the contributions since we went open source and I'd like to encourage everyone to push your changes back to the base so we realize the benefits of being open source.  I've got another patch that I'll be submitting (mentioned before) with some bug fixes plus I added support for DB strides.

I'm hoping someone will sign up for the following 2 feature investigations/additions.  One is changes for storport in Win8, many of the items won't be needed right away but I'd like someone to sign up to investigate and implement the things that make sense for the open source driver (setting a good example for optimizations in Win8).

Secondly is support for 1.0c, I've listed the doc deltas and am looking for an owner to further investigate each item and implement the changes.

Alex/Rick/Arpit... anyone who has not contributed?  Can you look at picking these things up?  Timeframe is to have them in and tested before the end of this quarter so we're ready for our Q5 release.



[ ]Invalid Doorbell Write handling - page 41
[ ]Need to make sure our IOCTL pipe checks vendor unique command format - page 44
[ ]Need to support "Firmware Application Requires Conventional Reset" response to Firmware Activate - page 49, page 62
[ ]Only abort asynchronous event requests when the controller is reset (not on queue deletion) - page 56
[ ]Firmware image download field NUMD is now 0s based value - page 63
[ ]Get Log Page field NUMD is 0's based - page 65
[ ]Get Log Page field Status Field, bit 00 is Phase Tag - page 66
[ ]Identify Controller - new fields "Admin Vendor Specific Command Configuration" and "NVM Vendor Specific Command Configuration" - page 71 & 73
[ ]Security Receive - length field changed from 16 to 32 bits, expanded into LSBs - page 87
[ ]Security Send - length field changed from 16 to 32 bits, expanded into LSBs - page 89
[ ]Definition added for deallocated metadata return, all 1's - page 97

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