[nvmewin] support for NVME DataSet Mgmt

Luse, Paul E paul.e.luse at intel.com
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It's only because at the time Windows (storport) didn't support passing TRIM through to the miniport.  When we talked about the roadmap for this year, this is one of those items (and its small) now that Win8 and 2012 pass it through the driver can field it.  No specific date was determined though, as soon as someone contributes it, it will be there J


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I was wondering why the driver doesn't support the SCSI Unmap command. The comment in SntiTranslateCommand() says:

" ...UNMAP (NVME_DATASET_MANAGEMENT is required for translation and this command will not be supported in the Windows open source driver)"

but the driver does in fact support NVMe dataset mgmnt - although the only path to it is by way of an NVMe IOCTL passthru. Was the IOCTL path perhaps added after the main SCSI translation path and is it the case that we would now want to add support for SCSI unmap/translation to DataSetMgmt?


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