[nvmewin] code review: crash dump & hibernation support

Yong Chen Yong.sc.Chen at huawei.com
Mon Nov 18 16:13:17 PST 2013

Hi, Alex and all,

Here is the code change to support crash dump and hibernation. Please review. Hopefully we can wrap up by this week before the meeting.

Using the trunk version I had problem with the initialization as well. The trunk version would timeout on me. I think it is the same CSTS.RDY issue Judy raised up. I refactored a bit and  fixed it at least for the hardware I have.



Tests that I have gone thru:

1.       manual crash dump.
KD>.crash and then reboot and KD -z -v MEMORY.DMP, do “!process -1 f”

2.       manual hibernation or pwrtest /sleep /c:10 /d:30 /p:30 /s:4

3.       SCSICompliance (log attached).

4.       stresses: iostress, sdstress (log attached)

5.       hibernation has been tested on win8.0 as well, but not extensively.

6.       Hibernation has also been tested with both bootable OptionROM or the newly released UEFI driver.

7.       All tests were conducted on x64 platform, involving 3 different hardware, plus another Intel MB which can’t do hibernation (no S4).

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