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Foster, Carolyn D carolyn.d.foster at intel.com
Thu Mar 27 11:18:19 PDT 2014

Hi Alex,

Were you able to test S4 as a boot device?  I am seeing some issues with the IO during hiber driver execution.  The hiber driver enumeration and initialization seems to complete with no issues, but after the first call to start io for the inquiry, I'm not seeing any more IO happen.  I will try to debug further, but is this something you can look into?


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Hi all,

Please find the attached patch from PMC-Sierra. The password is pmc123. In order to speed up the entire process and meet our next release date, please review the changes and provide feedbacks as soon as possible. For each outstanding patch, we collect feedbacks for about a week after it is being sent out. A revised patch shall be sent out to include the feedbacks. I will follow up for approval after a week or so to allow more testing and reviewing if necessary.
Summary of changes:

1.       SRB Extension support for Windows 8 and up.

Files changed: nvmeStd.c, nvmeSnti.c, nvmeStat.c, nvmePwrMgmt.c, nvmeInit.c and the related header files.

2.       PRP list building for IOCTL and internal requests.

Files changed: nvmeStd.c, nvmeInit.c and nvmestd.h.

3.       Performance issue in Windows 8/Server 2012.

File changed: nvmeStd.c (removed StorPortGetUncachedExtension calling in NVMeFindAdapter)

4.       NVMeInitAdminQueues return value.

File changed: nvmeStd.c (Instead of returning TRUE/FALSE, return Storport defined status)

5.       Non-contiguous Namespace ID support.

Files changed: nvmeStat.c and nvmeInit.c (When fetching Namespace Structure with an invalid Namespace ID (which is less than value of NN field of Controller Structure), driver moves on to next Namespace ID as long as it's not larger than the value of NN field)

6.       Removal of using mask bits as core index to allocate/identify core tables.

Files changed: nvmeStd.c, nvmeInit.c and the related header files.

7.       Implemented logical processor group defined by Windows.

Files changed: nvmeStd.c, nvmeInit.c and the related header files.

8.       Core-MSI vector-Queue mapping, CMD_ENTRY synchronization and FreeQList access issues are related to using core mask bits as core index (#6) and no support for logical processor group (#7).
Platforms tested:

1.       Windows 7 64-bit

2.       Windows Server 2008 R2

3.       Windows 8 64-bit

4.       Windows Server 2012
Tests run;

1.       Installation(clean and update)/Un-Installation/Enable/Disable/hibernation and resume.

2.       IOMeter 4K Read/write combining in random/sequential manners.

3.       SCSC Compliance.

4.       SDStress.

5.       Quick/full disk formats.

6.       Non-contiguous Namespace IDs.


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