[nvmewin] Zero Length for Security Receive and Security Send command

Robles, Raymond C raymond.c.robles at intel.com
Thu Jul 30 15:25:20 PDT 2015

Hi Yun,

Thank you for your patch submission. There is one patch in front of yours. Once that patch has been reviewed and approved, your patch will be reviewed next.


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Current OFA driver doesn't allow zero length for Security Receive and Security Send command.

Per NVMe spec., "Security Receive command with the Security Protocol field set to 00h shall return information about the security protocols supported by the controller. This command is used in the security discovery process and is not associated with a Security Send command. Refer to SPC-4 for the details of Security Protocol 00h and the SP Specific field".
Per SPC-4 spec., "a transfer length of zero specifies that no data transfer shall take place. This condition shall not be considered an error", zero length of data transfer for Security Protocol 00h should be allowed.
On the other hand,  for some practices with other Security Protocol, zero length will be needed, too.

This patch is to allow zero length of data transfer for Security Receive and Security Send command. It has been tested over Win8.1 x64 platform and works as expected. Please review and help merge it into the trunk.

The password for the attachment is nvme_sec.

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