[nvmewin] Issue with the latest OFA driver

Tom Freeman thomas.freeman at wdc.com
Tue Nov 1 09:08:24 PDT 2016

We've run into the following issue with the latest OFA driver.
During initialization, the driver request for NVME Identify Namespace fails with a status of "invalid field in command". Because of this, initialization fails and the device does not show up.
The underlying cause is that the driver puts the controller ID value into CDW10.CNTID. According to the NVMe spec, that is only valid when CNS = 0x12 or 0x13. For all other cases, "the host shall clear this field to 0h"

I'd like to make a patch for this. The fix would remove controller ID from any of the instance of NVMe Identify command (the driver does not use CNS = 0x12 or 0x13). How would you like me to proceed to coordinate with the current 1.5 testing?

Tom Freeman
Software Engineer, Device Manager and Driver Development

HGST, a Western Digital brand
Email:  Thomas.freeman at wdc.com
Office:  +1-507-322-2311

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