[nvmewin] OFA reference driver release assistance

Robles, Raymond C raymond.c.robles at intel.com
Fri Sep 9 10:47:27 PDT 2016


In order to officially release the OFA reference driver, there are some tests that need to be run. I'm asking for volunteers for run the following tests:

*         WHQL/WHCK Certification Tests (no submission to MS required... just need test results)

*         Normal Unit Testing Test Suite

The only requirements for devices on which to run the above tests is that the NVMe SSD be 1.2 compliant. As additional info, here is a list of features that we've added since our last release. Please review and sanity check my list.

Recent patches include

*         Performance improvement & robustness

*         NVMe Spec rev 1.2 feature compliant

*         Supports MS Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Server 2012 R2, 2012 and 2008 R2

*         Supports both 32 & 64-bit

*         What is new since last release:

o   Namespace Management (Create, Delete, Attach, Detach)

o   EOL Read Only Support

o   Win 8.1 Timers

o   Surprise Removal Support in IOCTL Path

o   Disk Initialization Performance Optimization

o   Storage Request Block Support

o   StorPort Performance Options

o   StorPort DPC Redirection

o   Misc. Bug Fixes

o   Security Send/Receive with Zero Data Length

o   SNTI updates for SCSI to NVMe Translation


Raymond C. Robles
NSG ISE Host Storage Software
Intel Corporation
Office: 480-554-2600
Mobile: 480-399-0645
raymond.c.robles at intel.com<mailto:raymond.c.robles at intel.com>

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