[nvmewin] Compatibility issue with 1.5 version nvme driver

Robles, Raymond C raymond.c.robles at intel.com
Mon Jun 19 13:36:39 PDT 2017

Hi Justina,

Yes, we did receive the email and have been emailing you. I notice that your emails keep getting bounced off the reflector list and I have to approve them. Could you please officially subscribe to the reflector email list so that your emails are not bounced (which require me to approve and forward).

There was an additional request for you to run the normal unit tests required for all OFA patches. I'll forward that email again after you officially subscribe the email list. Did you receive that email?


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Have you received my mail on 5/22?

Best Regards,
Justina Lai

From: Justina Lai
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Subject: Compatibility issue with 1.5 version nvme driver

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are facing compatibility issue on our PS5007 NVMe device with recent 1.5 version nvme driver.
Please check below issue description.

Phison PS5007 supports 7 IO queues, and if we use PS5007 with OFA driver on the platform core number>7, ex: 8-core or 12-core PC, we will see PC hang up and cannot enter OS like below:
[cid:image001.jpg at 01D2E900.A1138AD0]

After debugging on our side, we found the fail is caused by below flow:
1.      SntiTranslateModeSense()

    if (pDpc != NULL) {
        ASSERT(pAE->ntldrDump == FALSE);
        if (pAE->MultipleCoresToSingleQueueFlag) {
            StorPortAcquireSpinLock(pAE, StartIoLock, NULL, &StartLockHandle); ----------------------> execute lock
        } else {
            StorPortAcquireSpinLock(pAE, DpcLock, pDpc, &DpcLockhandle);
callStorportNotification = pSrbExtension->pNvmeCompletionRoutine(pAE, (PVOID)pSrbExtension)
                            && (pSrbExtension->pSrb != NULL);

if (supportsVwc == TRUE) {

                                                          pSrbExt->pNvmeCompletionRoutine = SntiCompletionCallbackRoutine;

                                                          /* Finally, make sure we issue the GET FEATURES command */
                                                          SntiBuildGetFeaturesCmd(pSrbExt, VOLATILE_WRITE_CACHE);

                                                          ioStarted = ProcessIo(pSrbExt->pNvmeDevExt,

        if (AcquireLock == TRUE) {
                                 &hStartIoLock);  ------------------------> double execute lock and cause (Assertion failure - code c0000420)


Since many users are now using our PS5007 device with 8-core or 12-core PC, they are facing this issue right now. Could you please help to modify driver to solve this problem asap?

Any unclear point, please kindly let us know.
Thank you very much for the help!

Best Regards,
Justina Lai

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