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Hi David,

Thanks for your question. First off, your email was blocked on this email distribution list because you are not subscribed (I had to manually approve your email). Please go to the following link and you can register/subscribe. Then you will be free to send/receive emails to this distribution.


As for your question on signing… we test sign the driver only. This is because the OFA NVMe Windows driver is an open source (under FreeBSD license) driver. The source is available for anyone to see/use. Signing a driver with a real digital certificate requires owning this certificate. This driver/community is about enabling NVMe SSD vendors and therefore we do not deliver a fully signed driver. That is for each user of the driver to determine the best path for signing.

As for your second question on performance… there are several differences between the OFA NVMe Windows driver and Microsoft’s inbox NVMe driver. Our driver is NVMe 1.2 compliant, with several additional enhancements. MSFT’s inbox driver is 1.0e compliant. Performance is always dependent on platform and other software components, so we do not make any claims about the OFA driver vs. the MSFT inbox driver. However, the OFA driver has all documented performance enhancements provided by MSDN implemented. You are free to view the source code at the following link:



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Stumbled across your driver by accident but the readme states you have to disable Test Signing. Isn't there a signed driver out there already where you don't have to do that? Second is there performance benefits to your driver vs the standard windows NVME driver?

Thank you
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