[Ofa_boardplus] Results of today's SW Portal website update team meeting

Jim Ryan jimdryan at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 13:44:05 PDT 2016

High-level Summary:

We had the first meeting of individuals interested in updating and
upgrading the Software Portal in the OFA website. This will be a high-level
summary for wide distribution – details will be limited to our much smaller

If you didn’t accept the meeting invitation (including tentatively) or
attend today’s meeting, but you’re interested in additional detail, let me

Discussion points:

·      Agreed the SW Portal has to be based on a definition of OpenFabrics
Software (OFS) which doesn’t exist today. Constructing that definition will
be our first activity. That definition will have an important use in our
upcoming Bylaws work.

·      We will work to be completely clear in defining the audience of the
SW Portal

·      Initial thought is to consider forms of SW packaging that derive
from OFS, such as “MOFED” and whatever Intel delivers to be out of scope

·      Paul Grun reminded us of the earlier large website update (2014ish)
which included definitions of “portals” and other elements that could be
helpful to this work. Paul is going to go back over earlier materials and
make the team aware of anything that might be helpful.

·      A core team was formed to come up with the all-important definition
of OFS, intentionally bringing together a number of distinct points of
view: Jim, Susan, Paul Grun, Paul Bowden, Joe Balich (Nereus), Bill,
Bernard, Arlin and Liran

As always, comments/correction/questions are welcome

Thanks, Jim
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