[Ofa_boardplus] Need input on November Meetings

Bernard Metzler BMT at zurich.ibm.com
Thu Nov 3 08:00:24 PDT 2016

I am fine with all three options for the Board meeting.

Despite pending feedback regarding the financial situation of the
organisation, I propose putting at the agenda as an additional item a
formal review of the funding of the Executive Director position. We already
touched upon that last week.

Thanks and best regards,

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Subject:	[Ofa_boardplus] Need input on November Meetings
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OFA Board and Contributors,
November is difficult month for meetings …

11/3 XWG - I may not be able to attend, but discussions on bylaws wrt
Directors will continue
11/10 XWG - should proceed without issue
11/17 Board Mtg - This is the Thursday of SC16
11/24 XWG - this is Thanksgiving, so we will not meet

The next board meeting will have at least one if not two Voteable items.
*  Ground rules for bylaws changes
*  Motion for changes to the bylaws regarding the make up of the Board of
Directors, and/or establishment of an Advisory Board

Given the importance of the next Board meeting, we may need to move it to
either 11/10 (next Thursday) or Dec1st.
Please respond at your earliest convenience with your preference:

1.  Keep the Board meeting on 11/17 (SC16 week)
2.  Move the Board meeting to 11/10  (next week)
3.  Move the Board meeting to 12/1

Susan Coulter / HPC-DES
Network Capability Lead
(505) 667-8425
“Once in a while you get shown the light
    In the strangest of places if you look at it right”  Robert Hunter

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