[Ofa_boardplus] Bylaws update status

Coulter, Susan K skc at lanl.gov
Thu Oct 27 09:01:49 PDT 2016

For the conversation later this morning…

Here is where I believe we left off last time.
This was forwarded to Chris for his minutes.

> 1.  The number of directors is equal to the number of Promoter companies plus 2
> 2.  Each company appoints one person as a director
> 3.  The 2 additional at-large Director positions will be elected
> 4.  These 2 additional Directors cannot be employed by / affiliated with an organization already represented
> 5.  At-large nominees will be vetted (by whom?) against the requirements 
> 6.  At-large Directors have a one year term limit - expiring/renewing around annual conference
> 7.  These 2 at-large Directors DO have a vote
> 8.  These 2 at-large Directors will become members (with or without fees ?) and therefore will be held to bylaws
> 9.   Voting options
> 	a. Only existing directors can vote
> 	b. Only member companies can vote
>        c. All member companies get a vote as well as anyone at the annual conference, with the restriction that conference attendees affiliated with member companies will be represented by their member company vote, and multiple conference attendees affiliated with the same company or organization get only one vote.
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