[Ofa_boardplus] Update: OFA TPC Meeting -- updated to reflect Paul's use of Skype

Paul Grun grun at cray.com
Mon Oct 31 09:10:20 PDT 2016

Unfortunately, we have only two weeks to complete our work on defining the set of topics for this year’s workshop.  We’ll press ahead this week and look forward to the important input from the Linux community at next week’s meetings.


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Subject: Re: [Ofa_boardplus] Update: OFA TPC Meeting -- updated to reflect Paul's use of Skype

Sorry many folks involved will be at the RDMA workshop in Santa Fe which happens to run from 9am to 5pm tomorrow. Maybe cancel this week?

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Greetings – I would like to move tomorrow’s meeting to Skype to facilitate sharing of documents. I have sent a new meeting invitation, but here is the new login info just in case. Please plan to join the Skype meeting, hopefully using the online link.



à Join Skype Meeting<https://meet.cray.com/grun/RTFM3PO1>

This is an online meeting for Skype for Business, the professional meetings and communications app formerly known as Lync.

Join by phone

1 (715) 738-0420<tel:1%20(715)%20738-0420> (Chippewa Falls) English (United States)

1 (866) 342-0293<tel:1%20(866)%20342-0293> (Chippewa Falls) English (United States)

1 (651) 967-8010<tel:1%20(651)%20967-8010> (Chippewa Falls) English (United States)

1 (206) 892-7610<tel:1%20(206)%20892-7610> (Chippewa Falls) English (United States)

Find a local number<https://dialin.cray.com/>

Conference ID: 373783

Forgot your dial-in PIN?<https://dialin.cray.com/> |Help<http://o15.officeredir.microsoft.com/r/rlidLync15?clid=1033&p1=5&p2=2009>

Correcting a typo on a meeting invitation

(712) 451-0011

Access: 608 193#

Host: 4010#

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