[Ofa_boardplus] Modified LANL motions

Coulter, Susan K skc at lanl.gov
Mon Apr 24 08:55:38 PDT 2017

The following 3 motions are now the official motions from LANL regarding protection of persons doing work for the OFA.
This wording was suggested and approved by our lawyer.
The first 2 are modifications from previous motions, the third one for section 21.7 is new.
All 3 deal with the language used to describe the people we are protecting.

( AndyR wrote me with concerns about the previous language - so I took that language to our lawyer and he provided the following. )

> 21.5 Waiver of Personal Liability. The liability of Directors and Officers of this
> Corporation for monetary damages shall be waived and limited to the fullest
> extent permissible under California law.
> 21.6 Indemnification. The Corporation shall indemnify Directors and Officers to
> the fullest extent permissible under California law.
> 21.7 Insurance for Corporate Agents. Except as may be otherwise provided
> under provisions of law, the Board may approve a resolution authorizing the
> purchase and maintenance of insurance on behalf of any agent of the
> Corporation (including Directors, Officers and employees or other agents of the
> Corporation) against liabilities asserted against or incurred by the agent in such
> capacity or arising out of the agent’s status as such, whether or not the
> Corporation would have the power to indemnify the agent against such liability
> under these Bylaws or provisions of law.

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