[Ofa_boardplus] Jason's draft preso to the Linux Plumbers' Conference

Fields, Parks M parks at lanl.gov
Thu Aug 31 15:44:58 PDT 2017

> I looked at the lasted hardware list from the last plug fest,
> and honestly, it is pretty thin and largely obsolete. I don't know
> what value you are seeing here.

I have to say that I have been buying IB hardware since beta SDR and I have never once looked at the capability list from the plug fest.
 I have never paid too much attention to the LOGO

> I can't imagine any purchaser or integrator getting anything useful
> from this list. Have you looked at it? OFA just spent a bunch of money
> to test a NE020. This is an obsolete, unbuyable card with a known
> broken kernel driver. It is totally absurd that any time at all was
> spent on this.  The other hardware isn't much better.
> As a sort of outside observer, it appears to me the hardware
> vendor member companies do not see enough value in the activity to
> even donate latest hardware revisions, so I deeply, deeply, question
> your assertion that it is 'very important and valuable'.

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