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I am sorry that I had to miss the XWG call as I was traveling. 

I understand that the recommendation that the bylaws list the requirement for a vice-chair passed at the XWG meeting, based on the argument is that having a vice-chair listed in the bylaws strengthens the organization, and not having it weakens it.  

In my opinion, when it comes to consortium positions, the bylaws should list the positions required by law and give the board the ability to add positions as needed, not to force. OFA can have a vice chair as needed, or any other positions, and the board should decide, not the bylaws. I don’t see how listing more positions in the bylaws strengthens or weakens the organization. 

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The minutes from today’s (2/9) OFA XWG meeting minutes are attached for your review and feedback. 

I apologize for failing to distribute last week’s minutes. I realized today that there were some voids that had not been filled (my fault), so I will send those out shortly.


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