[Ofa_boardplus] Voteable items concerning Alliance Officers for Thursday's BoD meeting

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Good comment.
This is grist for a useful discussion at the Board meeting.

The thinking behind it, for better or for worse, is that management of the Alliance is properly a perk of being a promoter.

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Hmmm. I do not like the emphasis of offices etc having to be employed by a promoter. Why not allow other types of members to become officers. Is this a control issue for those who are promoters? I mean we should have the most capable person available and if this is from one of the educational institutions or some other class of member then I think that is fine as well.

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Attached are a series of motions relative to the officers of the alliance.  These motions are based on a discussion held at last Thursday’s XWG meeting.

Note that I missed the 72 hour deadline as required by the groundrules, but fortunately that rule can be waived by unanimous agreement of all those participating in the meeting, with finalization of any vote deferred for 24 hours after the meeting.

In other words, if all agree, we can consider these motions on Thursday.  If not, we can defer until the March meeting.


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