[Ofa_boardplus] Board Mtg Agenda 1/26

Paul Grun grun at cray.com
Wed Jan 25 14:42:26 PST 2017

Updated Motion pertaining to Board Composition, for action at tomorrow's BoD meeting (01/26/17).

At the last BoD meeting, we voted on the principle that the Board would include two At Large Members.  The final motion included a friendly amendment that the 2 A-L members would NOT have voting rights.

Action on the final motion, "Board Composition" was deferred to allow time to incorporate the conclusion that the A-L members would not have voting rights into the motion.  We deferred this until the next board meeting (tomorrow), because we ran out of time to amend the motion in real time.  I took the AR to circulate the amended motion.

Attached is the updated slide deck reflecting the results of the votes taken to date, and including an amended motion on Board Composition.  See slide 6.  The only change to the outstanding motion is reflected in Red Letters in the last bullet.

I believe that we're okay with the 72 hour rule since this is a straightforward update of a motion previously offered and discussed.  So all that is required, as per the last meeting, is a vote on the amended motion.

I am also attaching, for the record, the annotated slides covering the Bylaws update process, including the results of the votes taken at the last meeting.  This is for the record, you can ignore that attachment.


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>The agenda for Thursday, 1/26 is attached as well as the minutes from our 2016-
>12-15 meeting.
>Please note this Board meeting will take the place of the 4th Week XWG meeting.
>The call in information is below and on the agenda.
>Meeting number (access code): 809 048 391 Host key: 673027
>+1-415-655-0002 US Toll

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