[Ofa_boardplus] [UNTRUSTED] OFED releases

Christoph Lameter christoph at lameter.com
Fri May 12 10:15:41 PDT 2017

You can run RHEL 7.3 with a 4.11 kernel. And RH is very open to merging new
stuff. Got all our needs satisfied by RH. Try it. Going to OFED sabotages
that process again since RH only takes upstream code and you have
stabilized it against some bizarre code base and bypassed all the upstream
and RH Q&A.

‚ÄčOFED is the wrong way and it suggests the wrong things to people. If you
want to provide git trees that patch in new features into RH 7.X then do
that but do not create a separate code base and that is what OFED is doing
these days. Its a bizarre fork (low quality etc etc) and upstream
developers will see that as bad as it is and refuse to work with that.
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