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Bob Noseworthy ren at iol.unh.edu
Thu Nov 30 09:47:44 PST 2017

Hi Susan, all - I expect to be unable to join today, but if I become
available before 2pm ET I will join on.

I believe Paul/Jim have the info for item #6 and I understand the balance
of concerns over "old but cheap" tech, vs newer hardware.    We currently
have loaners provided to us and RC3 testing that Woody refers to is
underway with completion this week, and we should be suitably able to
secure loaners for OFED-4.8-1 Logo testing in early January.  Still, for
longer term suitability:  x16 lane x16 PCIe gen3 systems are needed,
especially if OFED-4.8-2 validation is to follow shortly thereafter.

Best Regards,
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On Thu, Nov 30, 2017 at 12:07 PM, Woodruff, Robert J <
robert.j.woodruff at intel.com> wrote:

> EWG Working Group update:
> OFED-4.8-1 RC3 was released to fix some issues found in the recent
> interoperability debug event. The EWG also worked with the open source
> community to start a stable
> branch of rdma-core v15 so that bugs that needed to be fixed in OFED could
> be first added to the upstream stable branch.  rdma-core v15.1 was released
> this week and
> is also included in OFED-4.8-1.  Currently there are no known showstopper
> bugs so it is likely that RC3 will go GA this week.
> After OFED-4.8-1, work will start on OFED-4.8-2 to add backports for
> RedHat EL7.4 and SLES 12 SP 3.
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