[Ofa_boardplus] Edited 5 October XWG Minutes

Paul Grun grun at cray.com
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“Paul Grun (Cray) stated that Cray is not in favor of covering expenses with surplus reserve money unless the OpenFabrics Alliance agrees to a 1 year experiment to increase expenses for extra paid staff.”

Cray’s position is correctly summarized as:

“Paul Grun (Cray) stated that Cray is not in favor of covering operating expenses from either budget surpluses or reserve money since Cray believes that operating expenses such as are being contemplated should be paid from operating income.  However, recognizing that it is too late to adjust the fee structure for this year and hence it is not possible to materially increase operating income for 2018, Cray could agree to funding paid staff from the projected budget surplus in the 2018 budget IFF there is a plan in place in advance to cover those operating expenses from operating income in the 2019 budget year.”

“Susan Coulter (LANL) stated that it was a general OFA Board view that if things work out for the 2018 test with the additional contract staff, then the OFA Board can work to increase revenue by increasing membership dues starting the 2019 budgetary year.”

I don’t think this was Susan’s position, but she should correct the record if needed.

Added comment (not for inclusion in the minutes) I am concerned that the potential hiring of these employees may be viewed by some as an one year experiment.

“The new budgetary layout is done with a ‘lights on’ and other expenses set of categories.”

To be precise, the minutes should say:

“The new budgetary layout breaks expenses down into two categories:  “Operating Expenses” and “Other Expenses”.  We decided on a recommended annual reserve of $140,000 figure based on projected Operating Expenses for 2018 of ~$139,000+.”

Item 8, “Draft Mission Statement” should be deleted from the minutes, since it was not discussed in the meeting, although it did appear on the agenda.


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Here is an updated/edited version of the XWG Minutes

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