[Ofa_boardplus] Possible OFA Board Motion

Coulter, Susan K skc at lanl.gov
Mon Apr 16 13:56:07 PDT 2018

Below is a motion LANL would like to propose this Thursday at the Board meeting:

Modify Section 4.1b of the bylaws to state:
The number of membership levels, as well as their titles, fees and benefits, shall be defined and decided by the Board of Directors.

My goal here is to remove the specifics of the membership levels from the bylaws.
This would give us more flexibility with regard to membership levels, and could accelerate the completion of our bylaws update.

I am 4 hours short of the required 72 hour notice for this motion.
Therefore, if there are concerns about this approach/motion, the vote can be postponed.


Susan Coulter
Network Lead
(505) 412-6525
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

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