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Hi Susan,

Do you have a version that shows changes from the existing bylaws.  When I share it with my legal departments, that’s the first thing they will ask for.  Also, has this new version of the bylaws been reviewed by OpenFabrics Association’s legal advisor?



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Attached is the interim/draft bylaws I have created with the text of all motions we have passed to date.

There are a few other changes in this version:

- All references to software owned by the OFA have been removed.
- Section 5.04a was simplified to remove timeline specifications for each method of notification.
- Section 5.04b was removed because it referred to the election of Board members by the larger membership, which we are not doing.
- Section 5.04c is now 5.04b
- Section 6.05 had the term “Good Standing” inserted because it is used in subsequent sections
- Section 6.07c was changed to be in sync with Section 6.05 with respect to the number of consecutive missed meetings

None of the changes above are deemed “approved” by any means.

That said, I have read the entire document from start to finish and I think we are very close.
In my opinion, we should use this draft to pursue any further changes, and discontinue referencing the old document.
Obviously, this is up for discussion and I am open to other approaches.

Getting these bylaws passed is >extremely< critical.
While I do not want us to rush to judgement, I do want us to think very critically before suggesting further changes.
There is a lot riding on these bylaws changes.

If we do not have new, clean bylaws, we cannot actively pursue new members.
If we do not actively pursue new members, the paid Executive Director position is in danger.
One of the most important tasks the ED needs to pursue is increasing our membership.
Absent that, it will be hard to convince our respective organizations to pay higher membership fees to pay for an ED.

Susan Coulter
Network Lead
(505) 412-6525
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

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