[Ofa_boardplus] Board Meeting Minutes from 21 December 2017

Paul Grun grun at cray.com
Tue Jan 2 16:10:28 PST 2018

Sean said it much better than I.  Mike, can you please amend the minutes accordingly?

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>The minutes may be accurate for what was discussed, but I wanted to clarify one
>item regarding the OFIWG work.  The minutes state:
>"OFIWG is beginning a project to standardize the C++ extensions and integrate
>libfabric calls into the language."
>The effort is to define standard extensions to the C++ language to support
>fabrics.  That work (i.e. the definition) is mostly independent from libfabric,
>except libfabric may be used to implement the extensions once defined.  The
>primary objective is to define something that is suitable for C++.  The initial
>direction is examining extending the ASIO library.
>- Sean
>> Here are the recorded Board Meeting Minutes from 21 December 2017.
>> Please, take the time to read these as there were several very
>> important decisions made.
>> Mike
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