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You bet.  I’ll get that done ASAP and resend out the minutes.


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Thanx to Sean and Woody for reading the minutes carefully.
Mike - Please send out updated minutes when the 2 suggested modifications are made.

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Sean said it much better than I.  Mike, can you please amend the minutes accordingly?

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The minutes may be accurate for what was discussed, but I wanted to clarify one
item regarding the OFIWG work.  The minutes state:

"OFIWG is beginning a project to standardize the C++ extensions and integrate
libfabric calls into the language."

The effort is to define standard extensions to the C++ language to support
fabrics.  That work (i.e. the definition) is mostly independent from libfabric,
except libfabric may be used to implement the extensions once defined.  The
primary objective is to define something that is suitable for C++.  The initial
direction is examining extending the ASIO library.

- Sean

Here are the recorded Board Meeting Minutes from 21 December 2017.

Please, take the time to read these as there were several very
important decisions made.


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