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Paul Grun grun at cray.com
Tue Jan 9 20:53:30 PST 2018

Greetings - The TPC is looking for a strong keynote speaker for the Workshop.

We have been reviewing possible keynote speakers; right now we have a possible keynote speaker from academia who would discuss AI and Deep Learning.  This is very much in keeping with the idea of the workshop as a forward looking event.  But it is unclear if this speaker can accept our invitation.

Amazon AWS has also expressed interest, but it's proposal is focused on Amazon's adoption of libfabric, and thus is being seen by the TPC as a better fit as a daily keynote, instead of a Workshop theme-setting keynote.

Given the significance of the keynote, I wanted to reach out to the Board for your help and suggestions in identifying a superior keynote speaker.  In general, we're looking for someone who can peer just around the corner into the near future and help us identify areas of near term interest and focus.

Suggestions, comments and clarifying questions are all most welcome.
Thanks for your help,

Advanced Technology Group
Cray, Inc.
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