[Ofa_boardplus] Paul Grun's presentation at the Persistent Memory Summit tomorrow 1/24

Jim Ryan jimdryan at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 09:12:26 PST 2018

The fact Paul is giving a presentation at the PM Summit, "Persistent Memory
over Fabrics (PMoF)" was discussed at last week's OFA Board meeting, and
some of you asked for more information.

The PM Summit runs all day tomorrow in San Jose in association with SNIA's
annual members' meeting. Paul's session is 10:45-11:50 and his
co-presenters are Stephen Bates and Rob Davis, as described in the
following abstract:
 *Persistent Memory over Fabrics (PMoF)*

*Paul Grun,*
* Open Fabrics Alliance Vice Chair; Advanced Technology Development, Cray,
Inc **Stephen Bates,*
* Chief Technology Officer, Eideticom **Rob Davis,** Vice President of
Storage Technology, Mellanox Technologies, Inc.*


It is becoming increasingly clear that the value of Persistent Memory is
magnified dramatically if it can be accessed by a client over a fabric.
Because of its unique nature, (occupying a unique strata in the classical
memory hierarchy), Persistent Memory over Fabrics (PMoF) poses some
interesting challenges for the fabric. This session sets the stage for
addressing those challenges. The talk begins with a description of three
abstract use cases for PMoF as a way of illuminating some of the key fabric
requirements necessary to implement it. The next portion describes some of
the hardware challenges involved in hosting a remote Persistent Memory
service on a switched fabric. The third portion of the talk points toward
efforts underway in the industry to upgrade existing fabric technologies to
deliver the capabilities needed to support Persistent Memory.

The rest of the agenda can be seen at the following:


I *think* the Summit will be live-streamed at the following. I say I think
because I wasn't able to get confirmation. Certainly last year's Summit is
available there and I'm pertty sure this one will be available there as


If anyone has additional questions, please let me know. I've been closely
involved with the Summit for a number of years, so very familiar with it

regards, Jim
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