[Ofa_boardplus] OFA Board Agenda 7/19/18 - OFAIWG Report

Bowden, Paul paul.bowden at intel.com
Thu Jul 19 09:54:54 PDT 2018

IWG Working Group Report: July 2018
*         Next IWG Interop event - Debug event - Oct 2018.
*         SLES Pre-Release OS Distro testing @NMC - Oct 2018
*         Rescheduling 7/24/18 OFA-IWG Bi-Weekly due to travel conflict
*         Open ARs:

     *   OFED (EWG) - OpenMPI-verbs (openib) - OpenMPI maintainers discussing deprecating openib btl - affects MPI test content in IWG test suites
     *   UNH-IOL budget review
     *   Compliance certification program for OS Pre-release distro testing
     *   Merging NMC & UNH-IOL Interop activities and tracking for OFA
     *   RHEL7.5 for next Interop Debug event

Paul Bowden
Open Fabric Alliance Interop Working Group (OFA IWG) Chair
Intel Corporation
email: paul.bowden at intel.com
phone: 978-553-3346

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