[Ofa_boardplus] Voteable item for Thursday's Board Meeting

Jason Gunthorpe jgg+lists at ziepe.ca
Thu Mar 15 07:45:48 PDT 2018

     [PG>>] The word ‘incubate’ is used intentionally to reflect the
     reality that anything successfully developed (‘incubated’) in the
     OFA is almost certain to eventually end up in open source, exactly
     as happened with ibverbs.

I think this does not reflect what has happened..

OFA stopped investing resources into things like the kernel and
ibverbs & related, so they largely became detatched from the OFA to
survive and continue on.

This is not a 'success outcome'. This is a failure of the OFA to
steward the software that was within its mandate to support.

'eventually end up in open source' is a nonsense idea, good open
source software needs a steward and needs actuall support to
succeed. I've talked about this at length, so the fact this need isn't
met by the missing statement seems pretty bad to me.


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