[Ofa_boardplus] No joy in OFA-ville

Coulter, Susan K skc at lanl.gov
Thu Mar 29 14:39:58 PDT 2018

The Special Board meeting today was only attended by 8 Directors.
That was enough for a quorum, but not enough for a vote.
Per the bylaws, we need “2/3 of Directors then in office” for this mission change.
That is 9.333, so we’ll round down and settle for 9.  :)

So … next week’s XWG meeting will be another Board Meeting.
Agenda attached.
The SNIA Work Register is also attached - it is 5 pages long.
Please read it, as we will be voting to approve it as well - given the Mission Statement Vote doesn’t take the whole hour.

Please let me add to my comment from the announcement for today’s meeting, copied below.
This Alliance needs participation from all Promoter Members if it is going to thrive.
Survival is not enough any longer.
If you cannot attend next week’s meeting, please send a proxy.

The process to re-imagine and re-state the purpose of the OFA at this critical juncture has been constructive and successful.
The conversations have spanned several months and several calls, with various and differing opinions voiced.
In the end, everyone who has actively participated feels comfortable with the result.
If at all possible, please attend this meeting as we need a quorum and a 2/3 vote to approve this change.



Meeting number (access code): 802 107 123<tel://802%20107%20123>


+1-415-655-0002<tel://+1-415-655-0002> US Toll

Global call-in numbers:


Susan Coulter
Network Lead
(505) 412-6525
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

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