[Openframeworkwg] OFA OpenFramework WG -- OFWG -- reminder, we're going to start by completing Sean's materials then move onto Paul's

Ryan, Jim jim.ryan at intel.com
Tue Oct 15 07:49:00 PDT 2013

916-356-2663, Bridge 3
Participant Passcode: 8101113

-       Review the charter and modify as required:
      OpenFramework Working Group (OFWG) within the OFA's bylaws with the following charter:
o       Develop, test, and distribute
*       An extensible, open source framework that provides access to high-performance fabric interfaces and services.
*       Extensible, open source interfaces aligned with ULP and application needs for high-performance fabric services
o       Work with standards bodies as needed to create interoperability; the OFA will not itself create industry standards
-       Identify participants by name and company affiliation
-       See if there's any interest in leadership of the WG, again, given the Bylaws provision on member/nonmember rights and privileges
-       Identify deliverables to be produced by the WG
-       Discuss general procedures for developing and approving deliverables

Further thoughts are more than welcome

Thanks, Jim, acting chair of the OFWG

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