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I see there is a tgz file that contains the source, interface definition, 
man page documentation, etc ..


What is the original source of this package?  Is there a public git 
repository available somewhere?

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Just to get something on the web archives...

This list is a sub-group of the OpenFabrics Interconnect Working Group 
(OFIWG).  I'm posting a summary of what has happened so far for those who 
are just joining the discussion.

The OFIWG is designing a new low-level Linux networking API.  Think of it 
as "Verbs 2.0", but without all the verbs / IB-specific baggage (*** see 
links at the end for more info on the overall effort).

In January, we collected a lot of feedback from the MPI community and 
presented it to the OFIWG.  Attached are the collated requirements / 
feedback that were presented to the OFIWG (*** see links at the end for 
more info).

These requirements were presented to the OFIWG (they asked lots of good 
questions), and much work has progressed beyond then.

This list was created to host the MPI-centric sub-discussions of the 
larger OFIWG libfabric discussions.


Links for more information

Here's a brief writeup of the effort, and a good video of the technical 
lead of the OFIWG, Sean Hefty, describing the overall libfabric effort:


OFA Workshop video/Sean Hefty:

Slides from video:

Explanations of the MPI requirements slides:

Blog post overview:

InsideHPC slidecast:

OFA Workshop video/Nathan Hjelmn:

Slides from video:

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