[ofiwg] New Intel slides from today’s OFI WG discussion

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Thanks Chet.  I have uploaded these to the OFA / OFI WG download site: https://www.openfabrics.org/downloads/OFIWG/
Look under ‘DSDA Presentations<https://www.openfabrics.org/downloads/OFIWG/DSDA%20Presentations/>’.

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Subject: New Intel slides from today’s OFI WG discussion
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Hello OFI WG Members,
I have enclosed a new copy of the slide deck that I shared this morning in the OFI WG.  Please disregard the previous deck and post this to the OFI WG.

Here is what I clarified in the latest slides.  I will bring these changes to everyone’s attention in a future meeting:
-Made it clear that the IIO internal buffers are usually backed by LLC core cache when “allocating-write” flows are utilized
-Removed Send/Receive as a mechanism for clearing out the internal IIO buffers.  RDMA Read or a PCI Read of some sort is required.
-Fixed up the Non-ADR, DDIO Enabled slide to make it clear that standard “allocating write” transactions can be utilized since the LLC backed memory will be flushed by the CLFLUSHOPT instruction.   For the same reason, the RDMA Read is not needed in this case.  The Send message must contain a list of all cache lines that were written by the stream of RDMA Write(s) so that the CLFLUSHOPT can be utilized to flush each cache line.

I will be presenting these slides to the SNIA TWG at a near future date for those that are also involved with that group.  I will also add sequence diagrams to help explain each of these flows.

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