[Openframeworkwg] Agenda for OFWG f-2-f in Monterey

Paul Grun grun at cray.com
Fri Mar 7 10:51:46 PST 2014

Greetings -
At our last meeting there was strong support for the idea of holding a f-2-f meeting in conjunction with the OFA workshop in Monterey.  That has now been scheduled for 7-9PM on Monday, March 31.  Please do not be concerned if you are not planning to attend the workshop;  the opportunity for as many of us as possible to meet each other face-to-face is too good to miss.

For those who cannot attend in person, there will be a bridge number available for dial in, even though the time may not be ideal.

Agenda topics so far:

-          User mode TCP (Liran)

-          Approaches for APIs for storage (Liran)

-          Early thinking about APIs for Structured Data (Oracle)

Please send any additional agenda topics to the list.


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