[ofiwg] Agenda topics for tomorrow, 11/4

Paul Grun grun at cray.com
Mon Nov 3 14:18:25 PST 2014

I am catching up on publishing minutes from our past few meetings (almost there, will be done in the next few minutes).

Last week we briefly reviewed assignments for folks to go look at the current set of requirements and validate the existing libfabric architecture against those requirements.

Besides that, there are several other open topics that we could discuss tomorrow:

-          Detailed inventory of the current state of the generic sockets provider

-          End-to-end flow control - I think someone volunteered to try to capture a table of possible options

-          Credit discussion - we discussed this two weeks running - did we come to a conclusion?

-          Release process - this discussion produced several ARs:

o   Investigate using github to publish man pages

o   Look into applying mechanisms used by OpenMPI to our release process

-          Other topics?

Please pipe up with your vote for tomorrow's agenda.


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