[ofiwg] shared recvs

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Mon Nov 3 22:51:04 PST 2014

 If an app wishes to create a passive endpoint, accept connections on it,
> and then post receives that will receive data coming from any remote
> connection on that endpoint, how exactly is that accomplished?

At least my thinking on this topic is this:

The relationship between RX/TX contexts and endpoints is many-to-many.

The scalable endpoint concept is intended to cover the case where you have one EP with many RX or TX contexts (e.g. command queues).
The shared RX/TX model is not fully specified, but this is mostly a shortcoming in the documentation, rather than the interfaces themselves.  (Maybe a flag is needed?)

To accomplish this an app would allocate one RX context.  The RX context would be bound to each endpoint that will share it.  I.e. there would need to be a call to fi_bind(ep, rx, ...) in your example.

I _think_ there's an open issue on this topic.

- Sean

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