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You should probably name your tutorial more specifically than just
"tutorial", since it is SHMEM-oriented.

In any case, I think this readily qualifies for inclusion in


On Fri, Nov 7, 2014 at 6:44 PM, Archer, Charles J
<charles.j.archer at intel.com> wrote:
> I recently gave an OFIWG tutorial at PGAS 14, with slides and commented code.
> The code was structured for the PGAS audience, so I demonstrated a simple/documented initialization path and a sample implementation of SHMEM put, synchronization,  symmetric heaps, and simple collectives using the tagged interface.
> I had quite a few inquiries about the tutorial code and slides and I would like to host them on an OFIWG sanctioned github so others can see this.  There is enough code to run the simple sping.c test from the reference SHMEM implementation.  It’s not meant to be yet another implementation of shmem, but it should be useful for tutorial purposes, and I will maintain it as long as it remains a helpful example to the community.  Does anyone have objections to creating an OFIWG sanctioned "tutorial" github for this?  I’m hoping that some of the shmem communities will find this useful to bootstrap their efforts using libfabric.
> Kayla Seager also presented a paper at PGAS 14 that the community may find useful:  http://nic.uoregon.edu/pgas14/papers/pgas14_submission_13.pdf
> Thanks,
> Charles
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