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I need to get on the stick and publish the meeting minutes.  This was intended mainly as an information gathering meeting to provide input back to the OFA to help guide its thinking on compliance and interoperability w.r.t. OFI.  The over-arching question, for which there is as yet no specific answer is; "Is there interest in the industry in a compliance and interoperability service provided by the OFA?" where 'industry' is taken to mean all stakeholders including potential suppliers of OFI-based products and consumers of network services (both application-level consumers of OFI-based network services and middleware providers).

The key point of the presentation was to try to define the scope of the questions being asked and to put some reasonable bounds around the discussion in order to keep it an effective discussion.  To that end we agreed, I think, that the OFA has no overarching interest in either compliance or interoperability at the application or middleware levels, but does have an interest in compliance at the middleware/provider interface and possibly an interest in interoperability at the provider layer.  We further agreed, I think, that the OFA does not have an interest in interoperability in 'on the wire' protocols at the hardware level, believing that that is the purview of other standards bodies, (even though correct operation of the consumers/providers depends on correct operation at the wire level).

At the end of the day, the OFA needs to decide if it believes there is demand in the industry for whatever compliance and interoperability validation testing services it might offer.


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Paul --

What was the result of this discussion?

On Nov 25, 2014, at 10:57 AM, Paul Grun <grun at cray.com> wrote:

> If possible, I would like to discuss these at today's OFI WG meeting.
> Thx
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