[ofiwg] re-visiting posting of patches/discussions to ofiwg mail list

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Wed Feb 11 12:47:55 PST 2015

Last week I mentioned re-opening the discussion of how much activity should occur within the confines of github, versus the ofiwg mail list.  For those who are not subscribed to github, over the past few months there have been several discussions which have occurred on github in response to issues or patches.  While many of those didn't need to have a wide distribution, in at least a few cases, a broader discussion was warranted.

General questions to the work group are:

Should we continue following the process of holding the majority of discussion on github?
Should patches be posted directly to github or shared on the mail list?
When should discussion move from github to the mail list or a weekly meeting?  E.g. Do we allow the github participants to decide when, or should there be specific discussions (e.g. changes to the actual interfaces) that always go to the mail list?

- Sean

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