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Oucharek, Doug S doug.s.oucharek at intel.com
Mon Jul 13 16:35:21 PDT 2015

One question/concern I have with the slides is in the Taxonomy where “Object Storage” is included in the apps kFabrics is aimed at (and the DS/DA WG).  The only two object storage systems I have been watching are DAOS and Ceph.  My understanding is these systems strive to run in user space and by-pass the kernel making them potential clients of libfabric.

Did we need to better define what is meant by “Object Storage” as it relates to the kernel?


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Attached is the version of the slidedeck we worked on this morning.  Please comment freely on the reflector with the idea of finalizing this next Tuesday.  The minutes from this morning’s meeting are posted to the OFA downloads site<http://downloads.openfabrics.org/WorkGroups/ofiwg/dsda_meeting_minutes/>.
Frank, a slide on the value of attacking NVM would be very helpful; there’s a placeholder spot for it.  Stan, please take a quick look at slide 11 – kofi_provider should be kfi_provider, correct?


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