[ofiwg] More than 2 process to connect, setup connections

Sebastien Valat sebastien.jean.valat at cern.ch
Wed Jul 15 10:20:33 PDT 2015

I'm trying to use libfabric on top of PSM and based on the rdm_ping_pong from fabtest I'm not sure of the semantic to interconnect more than 2 processes with the RDM approach (I'm ok with the MSG one for sockets and verbs by using a passive endpoint).
      - Need I create an active endpoint for each targeted process (at least for one side)
      - In this case how I differentiate the endpoint on the source side as we do not provide target ? (May I just wait connection to them and then check with which node it is connected)
      - Can we start more than one "listen" at a time on the source side with the RDM mode ?

In the same idea I'm asking myself, how to setup connections with more than one process per node, usage of port/service seams inefficient with the rdm_ping_pring test (with PSM, not sockets) ? When I launched two of them (source) on the same host and another one (remote) on another, I cannot choose which process to join, it always connect to the last started one.

Thanks in advance,
Sebastien Valat.
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