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Emerging tech can be good if it is preceded with outreach to people that are
invited to come by and learn. OFA could get behind that and do the outreach
if it was for all new work going in in OFA, not just OFI.

Treasurer OFA

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Paul's mail (congrats!) reminded me that some of the SC deadlines are coming
up at the end of July.  Other that the tutorial, activities such as research
posters (especially good for students) or a Birds-of-a-Feather session seem
appropriate.  Take a look at

Paul and I had talked in the past about the Emerging Technologies track
(poster in a shared booth, talk in HPC impact theater, etc.).
His experience was that it wasn't great.  I've been involved in that track
twice: the first time was great, the second time was not very good because
the SC committee (by their admission) sort of screwed up a lot of the
logistics like placement of the booth, "advertising" in the program, etc.
Anyways, something else to thing about.

Another option might be the PGAS booth.  I actually have not officially
heard if there will be one this year, but usually there is a small booth in
a pretty prime spot.  Participants submit a poster describing their
PGAS-related work, and sign up to be in the booth for small chunks of time
to talk about their work.

-- Sung
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