[ofiwg] 1.0.1 release

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Tue Jun 23 09:39:50 PDT 2015

> Is the 1.0.1. release still scheduled for the end of June?

The next release is still scheduled for near the end of this month.  There have been additional APIs added to the exported interface, and although they are not necessarily intended for end-users, they are new.  So, the next release should probably be 1.1, rather than 1.0.1.

> If so, are we currently on schedule?

There are 2 related issues that I would like to see resolved -- 1066 and 1065.  These are related to OFED integration and how the RPM is built.  There are two competing solutions to these.  If we can pick one, I can cut a 1.1rc1.  Given the changes in the code since the last release, I don't anticipate a long testing cycle.

- Sean 

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