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I think he said LGPL not GPL, but the OFA prefers the dual BSD/GPL license.

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Changing the license almost certainly means that your code can never be integrated with the OFI project...

Maybe someone will correct me, but there are companies where software developers cannot even look at GPL code without legal review.


On Fri, Oct 2, 2015 at 9:48 AM, Paolo Inaudi <p91paul at gmail.com<mailto:p91paul at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hi all,

Since you are working on libfabric, I figured you might be interested to know I wrote a libfabric provider for the A3Cube Ronniee (http://a3cube-inc.com/ronniee-express.html) in-memory network.

The provider has been developed for my Master's thesis at University of Torino, in Italy, as part of a research collaboration of the university with A3Cube. The fabric implements an hardware-based distributed shared memory. Because of that, I easily implemented the RMA data transfer interface, since it is basically the native operational mode; the fi_msg interface is also available, using a remote memory region as a buffer. Atomics and tagged messages are not supported (yet). Code is available under LGPLv3 here:


The provider is named "dpa" after the DPALIB API offered by A3Cube for their products. I plan to add some documentation over the next week.

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