[ofiwg] homebrew and libfabric

Mccormick, Patrick M patrick.m.mccormick at intel.com
Wed Oct 14 15:49:37 PDT 2015

I believe that the fabtests should be working for sockets as of yesterday.

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Works fine for me (even behind the Intel firewall). Thanks Sung!

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Hi Folks,

If you don't care about os-x stop reading and delete.

For those who do use libfabric in their applications on mac, the days of having to download/config/install from github are hopefully over if you use homebrew to install packages on your mac.


brew update
brew info libfabric
brew install libfabric

Special thanks to Sung for working on this.  Unfortunately fabtests has problems on os-x so that's not yet available via homebrew.

I'm behind an annoying proxy server that won't let me get the "bottle installation" working.  If someone has homebrew installed on their mac and is behind a friendly proxy server could you try it out?



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