[ofiwg] DS/DA - tomorrow's meeting

Bernard Metzler BMT at zurich.ibm.com
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I am not sure if I remember correctly - didn't we plan to have Chet
presenting/discussing additional use cases which he indicated to have on
his plate?  In particular I remember he mentioned 3 more fields of
discussion - WRITE atomicity, RAS error handling and RDMA with pmem. As I
said, I am not sure if Chet (on copy) is available today.

From the last weeks discussion on NVDIMM use cases I did not get much out
which relates to a kernel storage interface - rather it showed that it
might be a good idea not to use a kernel interface for storage at all. What
did others hear?

I am in a local conference all my afternoon, which I would leave for that
call. With that I am interested to cancel todays meeting in case Chet has
not planned for a today's discussion/presentation (it would be my
misinterpretation to have expected that).


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Greetings – I am called away unexpectedly tonight and thus cannot attend
tomorrow’s meeting.  We can choose to cancel the meeting, or we can press
ahead and hold the meeting anyway if someone will volunteer to serve as
chair and take minutes.

At last week’s meeting we made good progress in understanding some use
cases for kernel mode access to NVM, at least from a storage perspective.

Our next step should be to focus on slides 7 & 8 from the slide deck
(attached).  We need to boil Chet’s material down into several bullet
points illustrating the relevant kernel mode use cases, and we need to
explore why we believe that KFI is critical to meeting those cases.

I am attaching the most recent version of the slide deck.

Thoughts?  Meet tomorrow, or cancel?


Ps – OFI WG WILL meet tomorrow as scheduled.  Sean is assembling an agenda,
please send him a note (or post to the list) if you have items you would
like added to the OFI WG agenda.

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