[ofiwg] DS/DA - tomorrow's meeting

Bernard Metzler BMT at zurich.ibm.com
Tue Sep 22 08:06:35 PDT 2015

We cancelled.

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I would 2nd the cancel option.

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> I am not sure if I remember correctly - didn't we plan to have Chet
presenting/discussing additional use cases which he indicated
> to have on his plate?  In particular I remember he mentioned 3 more
fields of discussion - WRITE atomicity, RAS error handling
> and RDMA with pmem. As I said, I am not sure if Chet (on copy) is
available today.
> From the last weeks discussion on NVDIMM use cases I did not get much out
which relates to a kernel storage interface - rather
> it showed that it might be a good idea not to use a kernel interface for
storage at all. What did others hear?
> I am in a local conference all my afternoon, which I would leave for that
call. With that I am interested to cancel todays meeting
> in case Chet has not planned for a today's discussion/presentation (it
would be my misinterpretation to have expected that).
> Thanks,
> Bernard
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> Subject:		 [ofiwg] DS/DA - tomorrow's meeting
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> Greetings – I am called away unexpectedly tonight and thus cannot attend
tomorrow’s meeting.  We can choose to cancel the
> meeting, or we can press ahead and hold the meeting anyway if someone
will volunteer to serve as chair and take minutes.
> At last week’s meeting we made good progress in understanding some use
cases for kernel mode access to NVM, at least from a
> storage perspective.
> Our next step should be to focus on slides 7 & 8 from the slide deck
(attached).  We need to boil Chet’s material down into
> several bullet points illustrating the relevant kernel mode use cases,
and we need to explore why we believe that KFI is critical to
> meeting those cases.
> I am attaching the most recent version of the slide deck.
> Thoughts?  Meet tomorrow, or cancel?
> -Paul
> Ps – OFI WG WILL meet tomorrow as scheduled.  Sean is assembling an
agenda, please send him a note (or post to the list) if you
> have items you would like added to the OFI WG agenda.
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