[ofiwg] fi_alias to fi_ep_alias?

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Tue Apr 12 15:33:53 PDT 2016

> int fi_alias(struct fid_ep *ep, fid_t *alias_ep, uint64_t flags);

To be clear, this is the man page definition.  The source code defines this as:

int fi_alias(struct fid *fid, struct fid **alias_fid, uint64_t flags)

This in turn translates into fi_control().

> Instead, should we change the API as fi_ep_alias with the following
> signature?
> int fi_ep_alias(struct fid_ep *ep, struct fid_ep **alias_ep, uint64_t
> flags);
> This will break ABI compatibility, but not sure if there are any
> applications that currently use fi_alias.

Given that struct fid is the first element of fid_ep, the ABI should be fine.  This could change the API.

> Another option is to keep fi_alias and add the new API fi_ep_alias (which
> internally calls fi_alias).

I would add fi_ep_alias over modifying fi_alias, and update the man page accordingly.

- Sean

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