[ofiwg] OFIWG meeting agenda for 4/19

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Mon Apr 18 10:27:54 PDT 2016

This is a call-out for any agenda items for tomorrow's OFIWG.

I have the following items to bring up for discussion, which may also be discussed via email.

*  Fabric/domain name resolution service.
   Request is to use friendly names to identify a fabric, such as
*  Should libfabric support regular expressions for names?
*  Optimizing unconnected endpoints that communicate with a single peer.
   E.g. a 'connected' DGRAM endpoint
   How can a provider determine this use case?
*  Is there a need to identify loopback only providers, so that apps on
   different systems avoid selecting them?  Should apps need to opt-in
   to seeing loopback providers?
*  Suggested ways to implement wait support for a shared memory provider.
*  Location(s) of libfabric and fabtests packages.

- Sean

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