[ofiwg] Reminder - ARs for Tuesday's OFI WG meeting

Paul Grun grun at cray.com
Sun Jul 10 22:22:23 PDT 2016

At our last meeting, ARs to address certain open issues were accepted.  Here's the list, which is also in the minutes, which are attached for your convenience.

1.      Issue 1975 - How to expose loopback capability?

a.      Non-loopback devices - Cisco

b.      Loopback devices - Intel from a shared memory provider perspective.

2.      Issue 1890 - Re-sizing FI_CONTEXT

a.      Intel - Sayatan Sur

3.      Issue 1395 - Completions w.r.t. FI_CONTEXT

a.      All provider vendors should look at this issue

4.      Issue 1218 - FI_MORE: chaining together multiple requests

a.      Cray - Sung Eun Choi

Let's plan to take these up on Tuesday.

Advanced Technology Group
Cray, Inc.
Office  - (503) 620 - 8757
Mobile - (503) 703 - 5382

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